When taking out a new mortgage you will require a solicitor to complete the transaction. You can use your own solicitor if you have one already or if you wish we can recommend a reputable firm to you.

Sometimes mortgage lenders offer a free legal service and if this is the case we will advise you accordingly and assist you where necessary.



We feel it is important to have a Will in place to avoid the rules of intestacy, where the State directs who inherits. It is important to get this done by professionals and therefore we do not provide a in-house Will writing service but can put you in touch with a professional Will Writer if you require one.



When we assess your protection needs, we will also provide advice on whether any recommended policy should be placed under Trust.

There are a number of benefits to Trusts, these include the quick payment of the proceeds from the policy and being able to name the beneficiary.



The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate Trusts, Will Writing or Conveyancing Activities