Life Insurance

Whether you are a home owner or not, it is important to consider your options on protecting yourself, your family and your lifestyle.

At Apex Mortgage Advice, we provide advice from the whole of the market for protection insurance/assurance just like we do on mortgages, This means we will be able to find the right cover and insurer for your needs.

Not only that, but as we are appointed representatives of one of the largest financial services network in the UK, we are able to quote some of the most competitive premiums from the insurers.

With so many insurers and types of policies on offer, it is not only important to get the right policy for your needs but also to set these policies up correctly.

We will assess your needs and advise you on whether to place any of the recommended policies under Trust as well as pointing you in the right direction if you need a Will drawn up.


These are a sample of some of the companies available






The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate Trusts and Will Writing